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2018 Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Summit II

The was event was held on September 28, 2018 at the Rustic Lodge in Indiana. PA. Presented by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and The Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force.

The Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Summit II is made possible with funding from the Colcom Foundation and The Heinz Endowments to the League of Women Voters of PA Citizen Education Fund. The Task Force Report is supported with funding from the office of the Indiana County Commissioners.

Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force

Following the success of the first Sustainable Economy Summit in April 2017, the following month the Indiana County Commissioners voted to establish the Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force. The Task Force engaged in a year-long participatory process engaging local stakeholders, including local business people, members of grass roots organizations, and educators in a research and planning process.

The Task Force groups met over the past year to develop their recommendations for sustainable economic development in Indiana County. The results of this process are presented today at Summit II.


The Sustainable Economic Development Task Force will promote:

  • A sustainable economy providing cost savings through greater efficiency as well as reduced future environmental and human health related costs
  • Innovation, forward-thinking education, practical training, meaningful employment, and citizen engagement


To identify new opportunities in economic development, citizen education, and job training (workforce development) in the renewable energy sector, agriculture, building construction, and environmental restoration and stewardship. Task Force “Big Ideas” and the Task Force report will be available to view on

Welcome Messages
Hon. Sherene Hess
Indiana County Commissioner
Hon. Rodney D. Ruddock
Indiana County Commissioner
Hon. Mike Baker
Indiana County Commissioner
Presentation and Panel Discussion of the Task Force Report
Hilario Molina II PhD Moderator IUP Assistant Professor, Sociology
Task Force Focus Group Panel:
Peter Broad, Darlene Livingston (Sustainable Agriculture); Susan Boser, Laurie
Lubold (Renewable Energy); Josh Krug, Vera Bonnet (Sustainable Building
Construction); Jeff Raykes, Cindy Rogers (Environmental Restoration & Stewardship)
Sustainable Agriculture, Jobs & Economic Development
Scott Sheely Special Assistant for Workforce Development, PA Dept. of Agriculture
Introduced by Byron Stauffer Jr., Executive Director, Indiana County
Office of Planning & Development
Implementing Sustainable Economic Development at the Local Level
Zaheen Hussain – Sustainability Coordinator, Millvale
Introduced by Indiana County Commissioner Sherene Hess
Environmental Restoration & Stewardship
Andy McAllister – Western PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation
Sustainable Building Construction
Erica Cochran PhD – Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture
Renewable Energy
Henry McKay –  Pennsylvania Program Director Solar United Neighbors
REFLECTION – Discussion with audience, exhibitors, task force
Heather Harr, moderator, League of Women Voters of PA
Cindy Rogers, moderator, Evergreen Conservancy
 Next Step
Hon. Sherene Hess, Indiana County Commissioner