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A project of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund

Nonpartisan Speakers Bureau

About This List

The following is a list of speakers who have presented on Marcellus Shale issues at forums and other educational events organized by local Pennsylvania chapters of the League of Women Voters (or events in which the League collaborated).

These speakers may (or may not) be available to speak at other events. Contact each speaker to determine his or her availability, speaking fees and other conditions.  League practice is to present a variety of viewpoints in its forums, and thus inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply League agreement with or endorsement of the speaker’s position.  Note that some of the speakers are also League members.


List of Speakers

  • Water
    • Cindy Rogers, president of the Evergreen Conservancy, Indiana PA
    • Julie Kollar, Project Director, Water Resources Education Network (WREN), LWVPA
    • Mary Beth Sweeney, “Best Practices in Water Management” Indiana League, Indiana Marcellus Shale Task Force
    • “Waterbots” Judy Hughes of Washington County League, demonstrating water monitoring robots developed at Carnegie Mellon University under Illah Nourbakhsh
  • Environmental Issues/Green Leases
    • Jack Ubinger,Executive Vice President, Western Region, Pennsylvania Environmental Council
    • Davitt Woodwell, Senior Vice President, Market Oriented Solutions, Pennsylvania Environmental Council
  • Dr. John Stolz, professor in Biological Sciences department and Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Education, Duquesne University
  • Pipelines
    • Lynda K. Farrell, Pipeline Safety Coalition
  • Shale and Public Health (add)
    • Dr. Bernard Goldstein, Dean Emeritus of University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
  • Seismic Testing
    • Ruth Ray from Penn State
  • Government, Regulation, Collaborative Groups
    • John Hanger, former Pennsylvania Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, now at Eckert Seamans in Harrisburg
    • Angela Zimmerlink, Fayette County Commissioner, Fayette County Marcellus Shale Task Force
    • Dave Sanko, PA State Assn. of Township Supervisors (PSATS)
    • J. Bracken Burns, Sr., Washington County Commissioner
    • Rep. Jesse White, Marcellus Municipal Co-Op
  • LandownersAssociations
    • Marian Schweighofer, North Wayne Property Owners’ Alliance, Wayne and Susquehanna Counties
  • Industry and Professionals involved in shale-related services
    • Matt Pittzarella, Range Resources
    • Katherine Klaber, Marcellus Shale Coalition
    • Kim Smith, engineering well-site design, Wallace and Pancher
  • Media
    • Don Hopey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter
    • Marcellus Shale Deliberative Theatre/Program for Deliberative Democracy (Omit)
    • Dr. Robert Cavalier, Program for Deliberative Democracy and Philosophy professor at Carnegie Mellon University
    • Tim Dawson, Program for Deliberative Democracy, Unseam’d Shakespeare Company
    • Shannon Deep, playwright, “Managing Marcellus”, Carnegie Mellon University